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Why Take A Natural Hormone Product?

For those who are experiencing a decrease in hormone production or none at all, there are many products that can help.

Why hormonal activity begins to dissipate is due to any number of causes, such as age, genetics, surgeries, just to name a few. As a result, people who endure a decline in hormone production have several options to choose from, especially women.

Knowing the basics of natural hormone balance and choosing natural hormone products is important to your health.

The Natural Hormone Balance?

So before discussing product selection, you need to have an understanding of the natural hormone balance that takes place inside a woman’s body. The two hormones that play a critical role in the health of women are progesterone and estrogen. Both hormones will decline quite a bit in production as women age. Production for estrogen specifically goes down as much as 60%.

Progesterone additionally decreases in production too. However, the decrease is even more significant than estrogen, as it can cease completely.

Progesterone is the hormone is what keeps estrogen and its effects in check. So if there is progesterone production, then there is nothing there to keep estrogen levels balanced. High estrogen levels can lead to several diseases, such as reproductive cancer and breast cancer.

So the idea of natural hormone products is to restart or increase progesterone for the sake of keeping estrogen levels balanced. Some products might be artificial in nature, while others are categorized as natural hormone products.

How To Select A Natural Hormone Product

Should you decide that you want to use a natural hormone product, then what needs to be determined is how you want to receive it. Products are sometimes available is several different forms. For instance, oral medication is the means that several natural hormone products are given. What should be known about menopause hormone treatment and hormone therapy treatment is that if it comes in tablet form, the oral medication will not be as strong because of the digestive process.

Because of this, many patients and physicians select a natural hormone product that is applied as a cream. The ingredients that make this cream are sometimes taken from wild yams produced in Mexico or soybeans.

This natural hormone product can be placed directly on the skin. The areas most commonly addressed are the arm, neck, breasts, and face.

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