Natural Remedies for Vaginal Odor

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor- Natural Remedies for Vaginal Odor

How can you get rid of that fishy vaginal odor?

Natural Remedies for Vaginal Odor will help you learn how to take care of your Vagina and recover from the bad fishy odor.

Girls our vaginas are one of the most sensitive places in our body and we must look after it like a new born baby. I mean it! Every girl`s vagina is different and you must understand that fact. A healthy vagina is not supposed to smell of anything and definitely not like a dead fish.

If your vagina continuously has a bad odor no matter how many times you wash it in a day, this could mean something more serious than hygienic matters and we will discuss all about that in detail.

  • Why does a girl`s vagina smell bad?
  • How can you get rid of that strong odor from your vagina?
  • What are the factors contributing to vaginal odor?

Let’s discuss all about the Vaginal Dos and Dont’s.

TIP# 1- What causes vaginal odor?

These are the factors contributing to the unpleasant odor in a girl`s vagina.

Poor Hygiene

Do you wash yourself after going to pee? Do you wash yourself after going to the toilet? If you don’t, dam why are you even wondering about the bad smell in your vagina? You have to wash your vagina and your anal area every time after going to the toilet. Now washing your vagina doesn’t mean you stick a bar of soap inside it and cleanse it out, NO! You must never wash the inside of your vagina because all that will do for you is kill the good bacteria in your vagina and leave the bad bacteria to grow and multiply. No matter who says what so ever lies about douching, please avoid it for your own benefit.

Just make sure to wash the outside surrounding areas of your vagina and bum to get rid of any dirt/bacteria which causes the bad odor. You can wash your anal area with soap but make sure it doesn’t enter inside the vagina. The inside of our vagina already has its good bacteria which continuously cleanses it so there’s no need for us to clean the inside of our vaginas.

TIP# 2- What is the right way to wipe your vagina and anus after going to the toilet?

Mild and Unscented Dove Soap BarsYou must always wipe your vaginal area from up to downwards after going for a pee. And if you`re about to wipe your bum area, you should always wipe it from where it is to backwards and never towards your vagina because you do not want the dirty faeces going into your vagina and damaging its happy environment.

Mild and Unscented Dove Soap Bars
This is what I use. . .

I do wash my anal area and around the vagina with this mild and unscented Dove soap but I make sure the soap doesn’t get inside my vagina. If you`re going to use soap down there, you have to make sure it doesn’t get inside the vagina or else you will be sending an invitation to Yeast Infection and other Vaginal Infections!

TIP# 3- Stop growing a national forest down there!

It causes the bad odor of the vagina no matter how many times you wash it!
Seriously if you`re one of those ladies growing a national forest on their private parts please go to the bathroom and get rid of that forest!

If you can’t be bothered with shaving then at least trim it and keep the pubic hair really short because it stores the dirt/moisture in your private part which promotes the growth of fungi and bad bacteria. Just soak yourself in a nice warm bath, apply some mild soap or shaving cream and shave it off.

You can apply a tiny bit of baby oil or olive oil right after you shave to reduce that itchy and irritating feeling but don’t apply it right into the vagina. Just take a few drops, massage it into your palms and apply it around your vagina to reduce itchiness. Having pubic hair especially when you`re on your period is disgusting! Period already has its smell and having a forest down there just makes it worse so please get rid of it if you haven’t already.

TIP# 4- Please say NO to Douching!

You`re not doing any favor for your poor Vaj-Jay. . .

Douching is very bad. For those of you who do not know what douching is, it is the internal cleansing process of vagina. The word `douche` actually means wash in French but douching in general is the process that women go through to cleanse the inside of their vagina.

Read about why women douche, how they do it, the disadvantages of douching and what the doctors/gynaecologists are saying about douching etc.

All readers are welcome to participate in this debate.
Are you FOR or AGAINST Douching?

TIP# 5- What about those so called PH-Balanced Fem Fresh washes?

Are they any good?

No they are not. Like I mentioned earlier, our vaginas have their natural cleansing system built inside them which cleanses continuously and I mean even after you have your period etc, does not mean you’re going to have leftovers rotting in your vagina forever. All the dirty fluids that have to come out will come out eventually so there is absolutely no need to wash the inside of your vagina with douching method or with all these PH balanced fem washes. You don’t need any of that.

In fact using these Fem washes down there could lead to serious vaginal infections [Speaking from personal experience]. Douching and PH balanced fem washes are the best ways to kill the natural healthy environment of the vagina and promote the growth of bad bacteria.

Plain water is all you need to keep that area clean. Just use mild soaps without any fragrance to wash your anal area and outside of the vagina after you go to the toilet.

TIP# 6- Do you sweat or get wet a lot down there?Johnson & Johnson Johnson's No Tears Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can help solve that problem.

Baby wipes are described as mild as pure water to the skin and can be used all over the body. They`re specially made to suit the delicate skin of the new born babies. Baby wipes are perfectly gentle and can be used often to wipe around the vagina and anal area couple of times during the day. It is a good idea to make it into a habit to keep a packet of baby wipes in your bag [or handbag] wherever you go.

When you feel yourself sweating too much or getting wet in your vagina, just go somewhere private and wipe that area with baby wipes. Please do not stick the baby wipes inside your vagina just because it’s described as mild as pure water doesn’t mean it is water!

Always keep your vaginal area dry; allowing any moisture to accumulate will promote the growth of the bad bacteria which causes the vaginal odor. Pat your vagina dry with some plain tissues and fan it with a card or whatever thoroughly before putting on your underwear.

If you don’t already have it, grab one here!
Another must have item in your handbag!

TIP# 7- Do you wear cotton panties?

Give up on thongs/tight underwear. . .at least until you get rid of this fishy odor!

Fruit of the Loom Women's 10 Pack Original Cotton Brief PantiesIf you`re one of those ladies who wear extremely tight and fashionable underwear like thongs and other synthetic panties, then you`re not doing any favour for your poor vagina. Wearing tight underwear suffocates the vagina from breathing fresh air and stores up all the unwanted moisture around that area which makes it the perfect environment for bad bacteria to grow. You have to let your vagina breathe and the only way you can do that is by wearing cotton panties. If possible, white cotton panties are the best because they have no dye in them and are super good for that delicate skin around your vagina.

How can you wear tight panties or thongs all day and expect your Vaj-Jay not to smell bad? Wearing tight underwear is like wearing socks all day on a summer’s day. Just like how your feet will smell bad after removing socks on a hot sunny day is how your vagina will also smell bad if you keep wearing tight underwear all day every day. Would you rather prefer to have a clean and healthy vagina in not so fashionable cotton panties or have an unhealthy vagina that smells like a dead fish underneath the sexy thong?

I don’t know if I could make this any clearer, but yes cotton panties are one of the best solutions to get rid of vaginal odor. Avoid wearing underwear when going to bed so that your vagina can also have some peace and freedom from your underwear.

Take a break from those incredibly tight and uncomfortable panties and try these out!

These cotton panties might not look attractive but this is really what you should be wearing to help get rid of that nasty fishy odor of the vagina. Cotton is a natural fabric which allows your private part to breathe and also stops the accumulation of excessive moisture. Storing up unwanted moisture in your private part allows the bad bacteria to grow which produces the nasty odor of the vagina and could often result in having an yeast infection too. So to reduce the vaginal odor and prevent yourself from yeast infection, wear cotton panties!

These are super comfortable and 100% cotton panties and you get 6 lovely pairs of them per pack! It has cotton stitching around the legs part which makes it even more comfortable to wear.

When you have the desperate need to wear thongs. . .You can go for these!

According to me thongs are never comfortable to wear but if you badly have to wear one then you might want to go for these pure cotton and colorful thongs. They cannot be compared to the cotton brief panties above but these pure cotton thongs are definitely way better than the rest.

TIP# 8- Are you sexually active?

If you are, make sure that he wears what he has to wear!

From the research I carried out on Vaginal odor and infections, I have found out that in some cases the guy`s semen and other secretions can also be the cause of the bad odor of the vagina. This could either be because he has STD [Sexually Transmitted Disease] or he doesn’t clean his private part thoroughly before entering inside the woman. If you trust him so much and you know that he doesn’t have any of that stuff, you can skip the condom part but if you`re not sure then don’t risk it whatsoever.

Just like us woman, guys also have fluid coming out of their penis constantly and they must make sure that they wash their penis after every trip to the toilet or at least before having sexual intercourse with a woman. If your guy doesn’t, make sure you ask him to [in a kind way] before proceeding further. You must also try your best to avoid the use of lubricants inside your vagina and if it’s badly needed opt for one that has all natural ingredients.

Sex Matters for Women, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual SelfIt is also best to ask him to wash his hands before putting it inside your Vaj-Jay because you don’t know what sort of deadly bacteria can enter inside you from his fingers. There is nothing wrong in asking him to wash his hands; it’s just a normal hygienic practice. It will also let him know how concerned you are about your personal hygiene.

You must urinate and wash your vagina after having sexual intercourse, if you don’t the guy`s semen and your fluid will dry up in your down part and eventually end up smelling very bad. Always remember to keep that area dry to avoid storing up moisture which causes the bad odor of the vagina.

A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self

The title says it all. Every question you may have about your sexual health is answered in this book. It was written by experienced therapists in this matter who will help you understand your body better, how it works, sexually transmitted diseases, how to prevent them and everything that women must know about their health.

Sex Matters for Women, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Sexual Self
by: Sallie Foley MSW, Sally A. Kope MSW, Dennis P. Sugrue Phd

TIP# 9- One clove of Garlic a day keeps the Vaginal odor away!

The garlic treatment to cure vaginal infections has been used since ancient times and it works. . .

Garlic is packed with good antifungal properties which fights yeast infection. I normally roast few cloves of garlic on a saucepan for 1 minute and consume it early in the morning with warm water. It really cleanses our inner body system and gets rid of the bad bacteria. You can also insert a fresh clove of garlic in your vagina before going to bed and it will automatically fall out when you wake up and urinate in the morning. The garlic juice will travel and kill the bad bacteria which causes yeast infection and the bad smell of the vagina. Its best to do this before going to bed because you will be able to taste some of the juice in your mouth when the garlic clove is inside your vagina and its less noticeable when we`re asleep.

Garlic will also help to get rid of other bad infections like threadworms. Garlic is like a super food for our vaginal health so does consume it often. You can add garlic cloves [chopped] or garlic paste to your dishes and salads too.

TIP# 10- Eat your Yogurt every day or at least couple of times a week!

Natural, non-flavoured and 0% Fat Yogurt helps with Vaginal Odor.

Natural and non-flavoured yogurt is rich in Acidophilus [good bacteria] which fights the bad bacteria in our bodies. This also means that yogurt keeps the PH of the vagina balanced and keeps the vaginal environment healthy. If the inside of the vagina is healthy, then you won’t be having any kind of fishy odor coming from there. So start eating your natural fat free yogurt regularly and you should soon see some positive difference. You can also apply some natural fat free yogurt in and around your vagina for fast recovery from yeast infections but make sure it is fat free and plain though.

Does it work? Yes it works and it’s one of the easiest ways to cure vaginal odor.


Drink your 8 glasses of water every day. . .

We need to be drinking enough water to help get rid of all the bad toxins out of our bodies. Not drinking enough water accumulates bad toxins and also dehydrates the body which could cause that vaginal odor. So avoid the bad stuff like caffeine, sugary drinks and learn to love your glasses of natural water.

TIP# 12- Try water/liquid diet once a week

It will help cleanse out all the bad toxins from your body and get rid of vaginal odor!

If you have really strong fishy odor coming out from your vagina, you should give a try to water diet one day per week until you notice any positive changes in the smell. Drink lots of water, natural fruit juices, you can eat organic fat free yogurt and fresh fruits too. It cleanses your inner system and gets rid of the bad toxins which cause the fishy odor of the vagina. Another plus point of this one day liquid diet is that it can help control your appetite and lose weight gradually [if you want to].

TIP# 13- Fenugreek is a must have item for every woman!

Natures Way Fenugreek SeedFenugreek has unlimited benefits for everybody especially us woman. . .

Fenugreek helps balance the hormones and promotes regular menstrual cycles. It helps get rid of hot flashes and menstrual cramps. In this case, it will help keep your inner body system healthy [especially the reproductive system] which can help reduce the odor of the vagina.

You can consume fenugreek in its natural form [seeds] or you can drink it as a tea or take it as capsules. I do all three of them.

The fenugreek capsules are just as good as the fenugreek seeds and I take 2 capsules every day before meal. The only side effect you might face with Fenugreek is diarrhea [for some people] and sometimes skin irritation [very rare]. So you can give this a try too but just make sure you`re drinking enough water every day. When your body dehydrates from water, it will further promote that bad odor of the vagina.

Fenugreek Capsules-You can get them from Amazon here – Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed 610 mg, Capsules 180ea

If you’ve tried all of these tips and none of them are helping you to get rid of that vaginal odor, then please go and see a gynecologist because you could have something more serious that needs professional medical treatment.

Any questions? If you have any questions to ask regarding this issue, please feel free to let me know and I will answer it.

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