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About Natural Hormone Replacement

As people grow older, they become more prone to suffering from several types of conditions. For instance, the onset of cataracts is more likely to occur which hinders a person’s ability to see clearly.

Hearing loss is another common condition that starts to develop as people age, and can happen to one ear or both.

When conditions such as these begin to develop, individuals have multiple options to choose from. A person who suffers from cataracts for instance can opt to have surgery, and to deal with hearing loss decide to utilize hearing aids.

One issue that many women encounter is the production of hormones decreasing significantly. As women get older, specifically age 40 on up, they might start wondering about the impact menopause is going to have and may think about getting natural hormone replacement.

However, for any woman that is interested in natural hormone replacement, she should be aware of what exactly it is and the affects it has on her body while the loss of hormones is taking place.

What Is Natural Hormone Replacement?

Natural hormone replacement involves the replacement of hormones through therapy when a women is going through menopause and the years thereafter. What makes this type of hormone replacement natural is that the hormones used are naturally found on this planet.

Some natural hormones can be found in yams grown in Mexico as well as soybeans. These ingredients are then produced and used in oral medications or creams that can be topically applied to a woman’s body. The breasts, arms, neck, and face are some of the areas that the cream would be applied to.

The Effects On Women

Why natural hormone replacement therapy is attractive to women is because progesterone and estrogen production dramatically decline. To put into perspective, a woman’s estrogen levels can decline as much as 40-60% from levels that are thought to be normal.

Furthermore, in some cases progesterone hormone levels can decline so much so that it’s production ceases completely.

The reason why this is significant is because the delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body play a role in her overall health. Progesterone specifically works to keep estrogen levels balanced. So if estrogen levels are not kept in check, then it can lead to excessive amounts occuring in a woman’s body.

As a result, unfavorable medication conditions can arise from unbalanced hormone levels in women. Such conditions could include breast or reproductive cancer.

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