How does Stress Affect Health?

Stress is the response of the human body to changes that need adjustments. This response includes physical, emotional, mental, and psychological reactions. Stressful situations induce the brain to go into “fight or flight” mode. This enables humans to give quick responses. The “fight or flight” mode is induced by stress hormones. These hormones are adrenalin, […]

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Biotin and Biotin Side Effects

Biotin is also called as the Vitamin H which is a part of the Vitamin B complex. All the Vitamin B complex helps in the conversion of carbohydrates from our food to glucose which fuels the body. They help our body in metabolizing the fats & proteins. The vitamin B complexes are essential in order […]

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Cupuacu - The Anti Aging Super Anti-oxident Supplement

Cupuacu – The Anti Aging Super Anti-oxident Supplement

Everyone is always looking for the easy and painless way to feel better, lose weight, make more money, etc.. The reality is that there is no such product, whether organic or synthetic, on the market right now. There IS however a fruit well known to Brazilians called Cupuacu. It’s recently started getting more and more […]

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