Sex addiction is it real

Sex addiction – is it real?

Lately we hear more and more stories about people who are “suffering” from sexual addiction. Is it really “suffering” and why it is being treated as disease? What is sex addiction? As per definition it is engagement in sexual activity – mostly sexual intercourse, despite negative consequences – interference with your daily responsibilities and work. […]

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Penis Size

Penis Size – A Woman’s Perspective

I think there is one question that every men has in his head since the middle school – DICK SIZE! Is it big enough? Is it normal? How do I compare to others? Being a woman I have to tell you something. I do not agree with the statement that many woman say: it doesn’t […]

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where is sex going

Sex, Tinder and Millenials

I represent the generation that grew up without i-pad’s, smartphones and bitcoins. I have to tell you we had a lot of fun as kids and teenagers….we had dial phones, drive in cinema and boomboxes. Life was good. It was pretty easy, stress free living comparing to what we all are experiencing today. Sex and […]

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