fat-foods-reduce-bad -Cholesterol

How to Eat Less Bad Cholesterol

You’ve probably heard about the movement to eat more good cholesterol and less bad cholesterol, but what differentiates the two? Bad fats are labels given to two kinds of fats: Saturated fats and trans fats, both which increase your health risk. Good fats, like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, lower disease risks. The levels of […]

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double -chin-get -rid -of

How to Lose a Double Chin

Having one chin is enough, but there are many people today who have wobbly second chins smiling at them every time they look in the mirror. No one likes their chin to multiply and show off their fat, but if you’re dealing with this problem, then here are several helpful tips to lose that double […]

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How Does Obesity Effect Diabetes

Obesity and diabetes are two diseases that are cause for serious concern among many Americans. Every year, more and more overweight and obese people run the risk of developing diabetes due to a poor diet, eating large quantities of food, and little to no exercise. Both obesity and diabetes can seriously affect a person when […]

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Biotin and Biotin Side Effects

Biotin is also called as the Vitamin H which is a part of the Vitamin B complex. All the Vitamin B complex helps in the conversion of carbohydrates from our food to glucose which fuels the body. They help our body in metabolizing the fats & proteins. The vitamin B complexes are essential in order […]

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Soy Milk Allergy

When the immune system has a bad response to the protein in the soy and believes it’s harmful, the body creates antibodies; after this happens whenever the person eats soy from then on; the immune system releases huge amounts of antibodies and histamine. The body sends this out to protect itself and an allergic reaction […]

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Cupuacu - The Anti Aging Super Anti-oxident Supplement

Cupuacu – The Anti Aging Super Anti-oxident Supplement

Everyone is always looking for the easy and painless way to feel better, lose weight, make more money, etc.. The reality is that there is no such product, whether organic or synthetic, on the market right now. There IS however a fruit well known to Brazilians called Cupuacu. It’s recently started getting more and more […]

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Best Ways of Fighting Cholesterol

The Best Ways of Fighting Cholesterol

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 7.25 to 6.15 million deaths occur due to Ischaemic heart disease (also known as Coronary Artery Disease) or stroke. Hence it has become highly crucial for everyone to check their cholesterol levels regularly to avoid getting into such drastic health situations. Why cholesterol is a vital element […]

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why juicing is healthy for you

Juicers : Getting More of Your Daily Fruits and Vegetables!

Juicing has become one of the favorite new daily rituals in our household.  As it is, I have never been very good about getting my vegetables.  Terrible, in fact.  I think this goes back to my youth when I don’t really remember consuming a great deal of those veggies.  And no, potatoes don’t count as […]

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non healthy Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet for Your Heart and Body!

Control cholesterol by Controlling Your Diet Whether you are suffering from moderately high or high cholesterol levels, the primary change required in your lifestyle would be your dietary habits. Even though studies of cholesterol levels for women as well as for men showed that different gender sometimes requires different treatments cholesterol diet combined with regular […]

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good vegetarian sources of food

Vegetarians – get your nutrients from these sources…

Being a vegetarian can be an arduous task for a number of reasons. Vegetarians may find their options limited on certain menus while dining out, they’re in a very small group of other like-minded (non-meat eaters) individuals, and probably the biggest issue is that they have to work overtime to get the same nutrients that […]

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