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How to Do a Testicular Self Exam

Testicular cancer is a serious cause for concern among many men.

It is also a sensitive topic; outside of jokes and ribbing, not too many men are willing to talk about the state and condition of their testicles. Testicular self-examinations may sound funny and embarrassing at first, but it’s very important to check your testes regularly for any sign of irregularities. If you’re not sure about how to perform a testicular exam, here are the steps you need to take.

Performing the Self-Exam

All you need for a testicular exam is a mirror and five minutes of your time:

It’s best to inspect your testicles after a warm bath or shower.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror.

Check the scrotum for any signs of swelling, rashes, bumps, bruising, or discoloration.

Use both your hands to inspect your testicles. Roll each testicle between your fingers to check for any lumps. The lump above and behind the testicle is the epididymis; most cancerous lumps occur at the sides of the testicles. You should also feel the front of the testicles just in case.

If you check your testicles regularly, you should have a mental note of the shape and weight of your testicles. If you feel any reduction in weight or an irregularity in the shape of your testicles, see a urologist immediately.

Things to Watch Out For

Here are some telltale signs and symptoms that you should keep in mind when inspecting your testicles. Remember that if you have one or more of these symptoms, you should see your urologist immediately:
Rashes and irritation on the scrotal sac.

If you feel that your testicles are a bit too heavy or a bit too light.

If fluid develops in the scrotal sac.

Lumps, ridges, and other irregularities on the surface of the scrotum.

Pain and discomfort on one or both testicles.

A dull sensation on the lower abdomen and the base of the penis.

A tender feeling on your chest area.

Performing a testicular self-exam may feel strange or perhaps even embarrassing, but it’s often the one thing that stands in the way of good health and the possibility of testicular cancer With these simple steps, you can halt the possibility of testicular cancer before it starts to ravage your body.

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