How to Care for your Ears

Our ears are very important in our day to day living, but we tend to forget to take good care of them. Make sure that you hear the world clearly by taking good care of your ears.

Here’s how.

Protect your ears from loud noises. A lot of us are exposed to loud noises that are potentially damaging to our ears.

We may come to expect loud noises from certain environments (like a rock concert) but it doesn’t make it any less bad for your ears. If you are going to very noisy environment, bring ear plugs or in the case of industrial noise, make sure that you are provided the proper gear to protect your ears. If you live or work in a noisy environment, make sure that you have your ears checked at least annually.

If you like listening to music on your iPod or any mp3 player, make sure that you limit the time you do listen to it.

Make sure that the volume is not too loud that other people sitting beside you can start hearing it. Try to listen to music or movies using conventional speakers instead in a moderate volume.

When swimming, make sure that your ears are protected from swimmer’s ear. Ear plugs are really helpful in preventing water and subsequently, bacteria, from entering your ear and potentially causing an ear infection.

There’s a saying that states that nothing smaller than your elbow should attempt to enter your ear canal. Your ear may feel itchy or irritated sometimes, but don’t try using even cotton swabs to clean too deeply. Cotton swabs and other tools may cause injury in your ears and even push earwax deeper into the canal if used too deeply. Only clean your ears on the shallow part of the canal (Tips on how to get rid of ear wax). If you want your ears cleaned more deeply, make sure that you have an EENT do it for you correctly.

Don’t try treating ear infections on your own. Have them treated by a professional, and make sure that you follow instructions on medication and treatment properly. The same applies for genetic ear disorders. (Learn how to get rid of ear infections)

Don’t blow your nose too hard, as this may cause damage in your ears. When blowing your nose, do it one nostril at a time, and do it gently.

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