How to Pull a Loose Tooth

There comes a time when your child’s baby tooth becomes loose and you have to pull it out. Since this is a must in order for the stronger permanent tooth to grow, you have to assist and coax your child to do this. You don’t need to go to the dentist, and you can do this task by yourself. Here are some tricks you can try

What You’ll Need:

  • Gum
  • Apple
  • Dental floss
  • Soap and water
  • Towel or gauze

Loosen It Until It Falls Off

Parents are advised to never pull out a milk tooth unless it’s only hanging by the smallest tissue thread. Otherwise, the child will associate pain with the experience, creating trauma. As much as possible, loosen the tooth from the gums before completely pulling it out. With a stroke of luck, it might even come off quickly, with you needing to resort to other tactics. Here are some ways to loosen the tooth.

Let your child do it himself. Some kids are afraid to let their parents do the job, and they’d rather be in control of the removal and pain. Wash his hands with soap and water, then tell him to wiggle the tooth around.

Chew an apple. Give your child an apple and ask him to eat it. The fruit’s hard texture should be enough to loosen the tooth. Make sure he doesn’t accidentally swallow the tooth if it comes off, though.

Chew gum. Your child will definitely like this. Give him a few sticks of his favorite gum (mentholated gum is also a good choice), then ask him to chew on it, to loosen the tooth. Just like with the apple, make sure he doesn’t swallow it.

It’s ill-advised to pull out a permanent tooth from a child’s mouth. If the tooth to be removed is permanent already, let a dentist remove it.

The Door Method

This is a famous method that goes a long way back. Since it’s quick, the child won’t feel much pain. This should be done with the tooth already loosened, though.

Cut a long piece of dental floss, enough to stretch between the child’s tooth and the door.

Loop a piece of dental floss, then slip it snug around the loosened tooth. Be careful when doing this, so your child won’t be in pain.

Tie one end of the floss to your door knob, making sure there’s no slack. Knot the floss firmly around the round door handle, so it won’t come off.

Ask your child to stand on one side of the door where it closes away from him. Tell him that no matter what happens, he shouldn’t move away.

Slam the door in one quick motion. The tooth will come out along with the floss.

Let your child wash his mouth, then make him bite down on a piece of gauze or a towel to stop the bleeding.

Pull It Out Yourself

You can take out the tooth yourself, if you’re careful, if your child is brave enough and if the tooth is sufficiency loosened. Here’s what to do.

Wash your hands, so no germs will get in your child’s mouth.

Put your child on your lap, his head elevated. Place him on a sideways position, so the tooth won’t accidentally fall down his throat. It’s a good idea to have a distraction in front of him, like the television.
Open his mouth, so that you can see the tooth completely.

Put you index finger and your thumb on the tooth and wiggle it from left to right. Be gentle when you do this, so it won’t hurt.

Once it’s only hanging by a small thread of tissue, jerk it to one side, putting a bit of pressure. The tooth should then come off.

Wash your child’s mouth with water, then make him bite down on a towel or a gauze.

A loose tooth often comes with tears and wails. Help your child remove this once and for all. Just keep these methods in mind and you’ll pull the problem tooth out effectively.

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