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How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You might think sitting in front of the computer saves you from a lot of health hazards, but you’re actually prone to one very dangerous condition that might affect you all your life: carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s painful and scary, but don’t worry; here’s how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

What You’ll Need:

  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Wrist splint

The way you sit, type, talk on the phone, and use office equipment affects your tendency to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

These factors are called office ergonomics, referring to proper position that puts the least amount of stress on your body. If you arrange your activities and comply them to good ergonomic guidelines, you have a bigger chance of avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are a few ergonomic tips you should remember:

The monitor should be 20 t0 26 inches away from you.

The chair’s backrest should support the lower back’s natural inward curvature.

Your hip-torso angle should be at 90 degrees or greater.

The width and height of the armrests should allow you to drop or relax your shoulders while typing or rest your arms at your side.

Use armrests, but the arms and elbows should rest lightly to avoid nerve or circulatory dilemmas.

Don’t use armrests to slouch.

Sit upright, so your shoulders touch the backrest and your lower back rests against it.

Invest in ergonomic equipment, such as a good office chair and an ergonomic keyboard.

Exercise Your Wrists

There are some simple carpal tunnel prevention exercises you can do. The good thing about these is, they don’t even take a lot of time to do. Here’s one example.

If there’s a task that might increase your carpal tunnel syndrome risk, stretch your hands, fingers and wrists before proceeding.

Extend your arms outwards, in front of you, then bend your wrists with your fingers pointing straight upwards. Hold this position for five seconds.

Relax your hands for another five seconds, then roll them into fists. Count another five seconds.
With your hand still balled into fists, bend your wrists downwards. Count to five, then bend the wrist back upwards.

Relax your hands.

Let your arms drop to your sides. Relax your wrists, fingers and hands.

Repeat these up to 10 times.

Wear A Wrist Splint

A wrist splint is a good accessory, worn to keep the wrist well-supported, still and firm. It keeps the wrist in a neutral position, reducing stress on the wrist, hand and fingers. It’s durable, comfortable and easy to wear and remove. Wrist splints can be bought from drugstores, medical supply stores and orthopedic houses.

Stay Away From Other Health Conditions

There are some diseases and ailments, like diabetes and arthritis, that can cause or even worsen your carpal tunnel syndrome. If you prevent these from the start, then you’ll worry less about getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Avoid health problems by eating healthy, getting enough rest, and exercising. Stay at a healthy weight and avoid vices like smoking and drinking. Living a healthy life puts you at less risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take A Break

Take it easy. Working hard is good, but too much stress and too much time in front of the PC can have grave effects on your health. Take a break every now and then. Go on vacation, have fun, and pamper yourself. Even simply standing and stretching and going away from your workstation helps.

Working too hard in front of a computer can have serious effects on your body, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Remember the tips above and prevent this condition, so you won’t regret it later

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