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How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is an inconvenient and annoying condition that will come back again and again if you don’t treat and prevent it from happening. Here’s how you can prevent athlete’s foot from happening to you.

Always wear a pair of flip flops when you’re in a public area where there’s water involved, like swimming pools and public shower stalls.

Have your own set of towels (face towel, wash towel, hand towel, etc.) and don’t share them with anyone, not even family members.

Wash your feet with an anti fungal soap every time you shower to discourage fungi growth.

After bathing, swimming or showering, make sure that you don’t forget to dry between your toes.

Use shoes made from natural materials, like rubber. Minimize your use of rubber shoes or shoes made from synthetic material, as it disables your feet to breathe.

Invest in 100% cotton socks. Cotton socks encourage your feet to breathe and allows air circulation. It also absorbs more moisture than other material. Some people, however, prefer acrylic socks on the claim that it also absorbs just as much moisture as cotton.

Avoid wearing colored socks as the dyes can cause irritation to your feet.

If you have sweaty feet, bring a change of socks with you. Change your socks during lunchtime. Wear your socks only once a time, throwing them into the laundry basket as soon as you’ve worn them.

Make your shoes go into a rotation, especially the shoes you work out in. Rotating your shoes help prevent moisture buildup in your shoes, which in turn will make it a haven for fungi and athlete’s foot.

Consider putting shoe liners in your shoes as part of your daily habit. Shoe liners help absorb moisture inside your shoe, preventing fungi growth within.

Apply foot powder on your foot before putting socks on. This too will prevent moisture in your shoes.

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