How to Heal a Fracture

The human body can withstand various amounts of stresses and strains, but it has its limits. When too much pressure is placed on a part of the body that carries a load or exerts force, the bones can break. Fractures can be debilitating injuries especially for people who rely on physical labor to get work done. Here are some ways to heal a fracture.

Kinds of Fractures

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A fracture is the breaking of a bone. Human bones are quite strong and can withstand a lot of stress, but sometimes they do break under pressure especially when its strength and structure is not able to withstand a high jump, a long leap, or a crushing blow. Bone fractures can be healed, but they must be healed properly to allow the body to gain back its normal motor functions.

Doctors use different classification systems for bone fractures. Common kinds of fractures include:

Closed fractures, where the broken bone does not break through the skin.

Open fractures, where the bone protrudes through the skin, carrying with it a high risk of infection.
Simple fractures are fractures where the broken bone is cut along a line or axis. Simple fractures are relatively easy to heal.

Compound fractures are fractures where the bone is shattered, impacted, or crushed to the point that s0me advanced surgery or replacement may be needed to restore motor functions.

Complete fractures take place when the bone completely separates.
Incomplete fractures take place when some of the bone is still attached, but there is enough damage to the bone for the doctor or surgeon to confirm a fracture.


Pain, swelling, and the inability to move are some common signs and symptoms of a fracture, although it’s still standard medical procedure for doctors and surgeons to diagnose the fracture with an x-ray. X-rays provide the diagnosis necessary to determine what kind of fracture you have, and what steps are necessary to heal the fracture.


No two fractures are alike, and each fracture needs to be healed in a particular way to restore normal motor functions.

Here are some of the healing methods that doctors use to heal broken bones:

Casts and splints are a common remedy for most fractures. The goal of a cast and splint is to immobilize the bone and keep it steady to facilitate setting and healing.

Surgery. In some cases where the fracture affects muscles or internal organs, or if the fracture is so severe that it breaks through the skin, surgery may be needed to repair the bone, the skin, and/or the internal organs or muscles.

Bone replacement. Sometimes a fracture may be so severe that the bone cannot be repaired. The bone sometimes has to be removed, and replaced with a synthetic analogue (usually made of titanium) that has the same structure and strength of the original, natural human bone.

Not only are fractures painful and excruciating, they can also be debilitating enough for patients to miss work or school. With these steps, you can heal a fracture just in time for you to get moving again. If you enjoy reading this article, you’ll surely be interested in learning how to treat a broken toe.

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