How to Donate Sperm

Fertility is a prized possession, particularly to those who plan to start families.

The problem is, not everyone is blessed with the ability to produce offspring. You can aid these people in propagating a loved population by donating sperm at a sperm bank. Your donation will be stored in the facility, bound to be used by couples who need help. In exchange for your sperm, you will receive a financial reward from the sperm bank. Here are the things you need to do before you can donate sperm:

Find an Approved Sperm Bank – Not all sperm banks are known to constantly provide healthy sperm, so better choose a facility that is state-approved. Research the sperm banks in your areas and pay each of them a visit. In dong so, compare the facilities according to reputation, cleanliness and the payment rates per sperm donation. You can then make a decision on where to place your donation. If you can’t decide, you can consult your doctor, since he or she has a good idea on the preferred facilities in your area.

Set an Appointment – Contact or visit your chosen sperm bank and set an appointment. You will then be filled in on the requirements for making sperm donations. If you have no objections, you can proceed with a little quality control check on the merchandise.

Produce Samples for Testing – Before you formally give a donation, the facility will test the quality of the merchandise. You will be asked for sperm samples, usually three, which will be checked for the sperm count, motility and other relevant information. If all three samples pass generate positive results, you can proceed to the next step.

Personal Background – A background check is required, so the facility can determine if your family has a history of having dangerous diseases. You will fill a personal information sheet regarding you and your family’s medical history. Sometimes an interview is also slated if further investigation is needed before giving you the go signal for the final series of tests.

Medical Exam – The resident doctor runs you through a comprehensive checkup, including the collection of blood samples and organ performance, to ascertain your good health. The findings are then analyzed before the results are given.

Sign the Contract – The doctor discusses the legal aspect of your donation. You are obligated to donate sperm at the scheduled dates. As for sperm ownership, the facility owns the collected sperm, so you do not have rights to the offspring produced by them. Upon agreeing to the terms, you are given a donation schedule.

Give a Sperm Donation – Provide a donation to the sperm bank based on your schedule. Ejaculation, three days before the collection date is prohibited, since it can lower your sperm count.

Financial Reward – Upon giving a sperm donation, you will get a cash reward. Expect to receive one after every donation.

If you were rejected by sperm banks as a donor, it doesn’t mean your semen is tainted or unable to produce children. It may only mean that your seed may not survive storage conditions. Just have yourself checked up to be sure.

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