How to Cure Bruises

Bruises are those dark-blue patches under the skin that result from hitting a hard surface too hard.

The blood capillaries under your skin break upon impact and blood goes everywhere it shouldn’t. The escaped blood pools under that area of the skin, forming that nasty bruise.

Here’s how to cure bruises or at the very least, minimize the dark area of the bruise. Also read get rid of bruises


Wash the bruised area with cold water and soap. Apply an ice pack directly on the bruise right after. Washing the area prevents infection occurring in possibly broken skin. Using ice on the bruise will prevent swelling and constrict the capillaries, causing less blood to spread under a wider area of skin.

Elastic Bandage

Wrapping an elastic bandage immediately after getting bruised will tighten the blood vessels underneath and prevent blood from escaping, making for a smaller bruise.


If you can, elevate the bruised area of your body higher than your heart’s level. Elevation will lessen the pressure on the bruised area, reducing the swelling and minimizing the blue-black area of bruising.

Warm Compress

Twenty-four hours after getting a bruise, apply a warm compress directly on it. Why?

Because this time, the blood flow has stopped and the warm compress will encourage the process of the body reabsorbing the escaped blood back where it belongs. Apply the warm compress for 15-20 minutes, three to four times a day to encourage quicker healing.


Take Acetaminophen medication like Tylenol or Excedrin to relieve accompanying pain. Not only is this a pain reliever medication, it also helps minimizes the blood clots, helping your bruise look and become smaller.


There are many ointments, both commercial and herbal, that promise to get rid of your bruises in no time. Keep in mind that while none of these can really offer instant relief and total erasure of the bruise within the shortest time, they are more effective than others out there. Here are the ointments that are worth trying.

Arnica. Arnica is a natural component found in most ointments, and one of the most effective for bruises. Apply directly to the bruised area three to four times a day until the bruise is completely healed.

Zinc oxide. Cover the bruise with a coat of zinc oxide before going to bed. Zinc oxide helps repair wounds, including bruises.

Parsley. Take enough crushed parsley to apply to your bruise and wrap with an elastic bandage to minimize inflammation. Do not do this if you have broken skin on the bruise area.

Vinegar and warm water. Make a 1:1 mixture and apply on the bruised area. The mixture is said to help get rid of the blood pooled under the skin.


Vitamins E, C and K, ingested or directly applied on the bruised area will help heal the bruise. These vitamins help heal skin and bruises quicker by repairing the tissues.

Remember, bruises will heal by themselves given time. However, if your bruise has not healed in two to three weeks, see a doctor. Your prolonged bruising may be a symptom of another condition.

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