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How to Cure a Headache Naturally

In this day and age of instant everything and quick fixes, we seldom stop and think of what we trade in exchange for fast relief. Dependence on pills for the simplest ailments make viruses and bacteria more resistant to medications. Ingesting too much medicine also introduces many chemicals and toxins that may cause damage to major organs in our body.

How about finding alternative ways to cure our ills? Headaches are one of the most common complaints people have these days, and surprisingly, one of the ailments you can solve without popping a single pill. So try these methods first before swallowing that headache medicine!


Some people think popping a pill for their headache is what helps them with the migraine, when in reality it’s the water that washes down the pill. Dehydration has different effects on people, but the most common is headache. Drink a refreshing glass of water or two before trying anything else.
You can also drink something refreshing such as tea or something that really rehydrates you, like Gatorade.


Stress is an obvious trigger for most headaches, especially in high-pressure jobs and long work hours. Do yourself a favor and take a short timeout. Go to a quiet corner, close your eyes and clear your head of all the things that were bothering you. Take deep breaths, imagining all the negative air going out and the positive air going in.

Think happy thoughts.

There are a myriad ways for people to achieve relaxation, but aromatherapy or a quick nap will also do for those pressed for time.

Lemons for Heat-Induced Headaches

Use the juice of three to four lemon slices for tea. Use the lemon peels and pound it into a paste using a mortar and apply to your forehead. This can grant you relief.


Like lemon, you can use cinnamon as a relief from headache. Pound cinnamon sticks into a fine powder and mix with water to form a paste. Put the cinnamon paste on your temple and forehead.

Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise, coupled with positive and good thoughts, will go a long way to ensure a headache-free day. Headaches are physical manifestations of your body becoming stressed or overanxious, so having a good outlet for negative energy, such as exercise, does a lot in getting rid of them. Healthy food also ensures our bodies will be in top shape and able to withstand whatever stressful situation is thrown towards their way.

Getting enough sleep is also crucial for a headache-free lifestyle.

Cold Compress

Extreme temperatures can cause headaches. Provide relief from the temperature and pain by applying a cold or hot compress to your neck, temples and forehead. Try to find the most comfortable temperature for you by testing the temperature of the compress on the back of your hand.
There are varied ways to get rid of a headache naturally, all of which do not require chemicals and medications at all. Tea, naps, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle are all important in keeping you headache-free naturally.

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