How to Bathe with a Cast On

The idea of bathing with a cast on may sound a little hard, but it isn’t. Unless your cast is made of fiberglass, which is waterproof, you have to keep your cast dry all the time.


Wear a waterproof protector. This protector is made of plastic and shaped to fit different kinds of casts. Ask your doctor where you can buy one.

Use a plastic bag. If you don’t like to spend money on a waterproof cast protector, the next best alternative is a plastic bag. Use a bag big enough for your cast. Wrap a cloth over it before slipping a plastic bag on. Secure the bag with a rubber band. The cloth will absorb any water that might get in. This gives your cast another layer of protection.

Don’t take a shower. There is a higher risk of getting your cast wet in the shower than in the tub.

Keep the cast out of the bathing area. Position your broken limb as far away from the bathing area as possible. If you have a cast on any of your arms or legs, this will be easy to do, but if not, a sponge bath is the safest way to clean yourself.

Sponge bath. If your cast prevents you from dipping in a tub, you may opt for a sponge bath instead. Clean yourself using a wet cloth or sponge.

Use a stool. If you’re not steady enough, sit down while cleaning yourself to avoid any accidents.
Don’t move the affected limb. Try not to move it too much to avoid spilling water over it accidentally.

Have someone help you. Bathing with a cast on will be a lot easier if you have someone help you bathe yourself, especially if you’re still uncomfortable wearing a cast.


There are 2 types of casts:

Plaster cast -This is made of plaster of paris. You need to keep this kind of cast dry all the time. Getting it wet will lose its strength to hold the fractured bone in place. If you’re not able to dry the cast quickly, you may have an infection or rash. The material used for your cast might irritate your skin and the injured area.

Fiberglass cast- This is much lighter and stronger than a plaster cast. Because this is waterproof, there will be no problem bathing with it.

If you accidentally wet your cast, dry the area immediately. You can use a hair blower and use the cool setting or an electric fan to do this.

Bathing with a cast on should not be a very hard task. Keep it dry at all times to avoid going to the doctor for a replacement cast. Complications may also arise with improper care.

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