How to Avoid Shin Splints

Shin splits are thorns in the sides of every competitive athlete. They can hamper anyone from performing exceptionally, since they induce much pain and discomfort. Shin splints develop when you overstress your shin muscles, coming from continuous periods of strenuous activity.

Avoid such a painstaking condition by having ample preparation and preventive maintenance, before engaging any tiring exercise.

A Good Pair of Shoes

Sports shoes offer balance and support, which prevent the development of shin splints. By wearing the right footwear, your movements are cushioned, decreasing the amount of strain incurred by your shins. Sports shoes are quite pricey, but they are good investments. They are durable, lasting for several years of continuous use, and can help prevent leg injuries.

However, not all shoes provide the amount of support that you need. Don’t be fooled by the flashy designs of new shoes. Make sure that they fit perfectly and provide cushioning, before you purchase.

Shin Support

If you’ve had injuries before, you should wear additional accessories for support, like shin guards and ankle supports. These items cushion your shins and other muscles from the impact of strenuous activities. They also promote proper posturing, which prevents the occurrence of shin splints. Buy the ones offered by reputable brands, since they can last for years.


Before playing sports or hitting the gym, athletes are advised to do some stretching and for good reason. By stretching your limbs, your muscles become less tense, making them more flexible. It improves your performance as well as help you avoid sprains and shin splints. You’ll know that you’re ready for some action, once your muscles feel loose.

Warm Up

After stretching, warm up exercises are necessary. These activities condition your muscles for lengthy hours of strain. Your body gradually builds strength and endurance, enhancing your physical abilities in the process. A good warmup usually lasts for about 15 minutes, but it maybe longer if you’re quite athletic. Don’t forget to apply this set of activities in whatever sport or exercise you’re practicing. Chances are, it just might extend your playing career.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Through continuous exercise, your muscles, particularly your shins, get used to strain and tension. You gradually become stronger and more impervious to injuries. The impact of brisk movement physical movements decreased, as you build more muscle. At this point, the chance of developing shin splints is dramatically lower. Just maintain a healthy lifestyle, to keep you fit and free from injuries.

A Balance of Safety and Athletic Performance

You can avoid shin splints with ease, if you take the necessary precautionary measures. They may seem boring to apply or perform, but they can keep you injury-free. Remember, atheltic performance means nothing if you are frequently relegated to nursing injuries.

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