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How to Age Slower

There are countless beauty products, fitness workouts and diet secrets out there that all swear to keep you looking young and healthy. People, like other animals, age in a process called senescence. Cellular senescence is what you call aging at a cellular level, until the cells could no longer divide themselves and eventually die. When it comes to the science of aging, everything goes down to the cellular level. While science is still finding the “solution” to aging, here are the ways to cut through all the hype and go straight to what matters: What are the things that will help you age slower?

Eat Healthy

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As the saying goes, you are what you eat. What we feed our body will inform how our bodies will be replenished and even how we age. As a general rule, we should eat healthy food in moderate amounts. However, there are certain food that we should pay attention to, such as:

Antioxidant-Rich Food. Bright food, especially yellow and orange food such as carrots and oranges are rich in antioxidants. Food rich in vitamins A and E are also rich in antioxidants.Antioxidants are molecules that slow down oxidation. Oxidation causes the release of free radicals in our bodies, which consequently damages or breaks down our cells.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Eating fish twice a week provides the recommended amount of EFAs in your body, which helps the cells of the skin, the nervous system and the blood vessels to be flexible and permeable. EFAs can’t be produced by our bodies, so we have to take them from food sources such as canola oil, linseed oil, hemp oil, leafy vegetables and walnuts.

Water. Water is an important part of anyone’s diet. Not only does it work as a cleansing agent but it also minimizes the risk of heart disease and keeps your skin looking great.


One hallmark of advancing age is a weakened body. Do at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday, alternating between cardiovascular, stretching and weight exercises. Cardiovascular pumps out your heart, making your heart and circulatory system tougher. Stretching and balance exercises keeps the body and mind harmonized with each other. Weight exercises strengthen the bones, and when paired up with healthy body-building food, makes your body stronger. Exercising regularly will also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Clean Living

Avoid substances like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. These substances may give you a quick feel-good fix but they can wreak havoc on your cells, causing them to degrade rapidly or die altogether.
Generally speaking, any substance taken in excess can be poisonous for the body. Coffee addiction, for instance, is a regulated substance in most states, and should be taken in moderation. The same can be applied for other substances such as wine or energy drinks.
Clean living should also reflect in keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean. Good hygiene goes a long way.

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