How Hearing Aids Work

Today, millions of people around the world have hearing problems paving the way for the development and high demand for hearing aids. You may have noticed your grandma or your 65-year old neighbor wearing these tiny devices but how do they actually work?

What are hearing aids?

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound to make hearing easier for those who have hearing problems. These handy devices are designed to compensate for any hearing deficits a person may have. It is important to note though that for the hearing aid to work, you must be able to hear at least something rather than nothing at all.

Today’s hearing aids are electronic in nature as they usually have built-in microphones to detect sounds. These sounds are usually coded into a digital representation and are filtered to help compensate for problems in hearing certain sounds. A speaker then produces filtered sounds and everything is passed on into the ear canal to enhance the sound sent to the eardrum.

Hearing aids center on sound amplification, especially of voice and speech. A hearing aid contains three components – microphone, amplifier and receiver. The microphone catches the sound waves, taking in auditory sounds and consequently converting them into electronic sounds. To further detect these sounds, an amplifier is needed. It then takes the transmitted sounds from microphone and makes them louder.

Different people have varying hearing needs so some hearing aids have the ability to choose the sounds to increase. Some advanced types now have modern amplifiers that help reduce and even eliminate background noise. The receiver then acts as the speaker by converting sound waves from the auditory ones to electronic ones.
Buying hearing aids can be confusing and even costly, so check out some of these tips before you do any purchase.

Schedule an appointment with an audiologist.

These professionals will give you sound advice on whether you really need to use hearing aids. You may be advised to clear out excess earwax first, or consult specialists on other potential dangers such as a tumor or other ear ailments.

Try it out first.

You should ask for a trial period of at least one month or 30 days first. Once you have purchased the hearing aids, you should check for a warranty that includes both the labor and parts. It may take some time for you to determine if you really need hearing aids so observe things around you and check if the sounds you hear are normal based on the feedback of other people as well.

Be honest with yourself.

Some people are afraid that hearing aids may make them look like senior citizens but what many don’t realize is that this device can greatly help you interact with the people around you. These can further enhance your social life and help fight feelings of social isolation. If you feel insecure in your inability to understand others, then it is time for you to get a hearing aid.
It may take some time for you to get adjusted with these tiny gadgets on your ears but patience and the right usage of hearing aids can bring significant improvements in your life.

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