Cholesterol Medications and Treatments

Cholesterol Medications and Treatments

Cholesterol Medications and TreatmentsThe minute you are diagnosed with high blood cholesterol levels, your entire lifestyle has to undergo some very crucial and drastic changes.

Your medical practitioner designs a line of treatment for you to follow, in order to lower your cholesterol levels.

Apart from changing your diet plan and exercising, cholesterol medications are given priority, to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Are cholesterol reducing drugs essential for better health?

The best solution for you to reduce cholesterol levels is to follow a strict and systematic program or line of treatment. Most of the people are slow to respond to dietary changes or exercising, hence only prescribed medications help them to control their cholesterol conditions.

Though many people are aware of the dire consequences of consuming cholesterol lowering drugs, they tend to ignore it, due to the risk of stroke, heart attack or coronary artery disease.

It is highly essential for you to reduce high levels of cholesterol. Lipids which are classified into LDL (low density lipoprotein), HDL (high density lipoprotein) and Triglycerides cause severe health issues, if they are not well balanced. The levels of LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides need to be low and HDL cholesterol levels need to be high.

High levels of LDL cholesterol accumulate to form cholesterol plaques which cause hindrance in blood circulation. This causes risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney and liver dysfunction, brain damage, etc. Hence the most popular way to eradicate levels of cholesterol is through effective cholesterol medications.

How can you control your increasing cholesterol levels by using cholesterol medications?

Mostly your doctor might prescribe a combination of medications to lower your cholesterol levels. It depends mainly on your cholesterol levels, to lower your blood pressure, diabetes, increase HDL level, control LDL and Triglycerides, etc. Now the question arises, how to go about lowering your cholesterol levels?

As cholesterol is obtained through liver and dietary means, the medications prescribed by your physician either reduces the cholesterol production through liver or the absorption of cholesterol through dietary means.

There are many medications to lower your cholesterol levels – like statins, fibrates, bile acid sequestrants, nicotinic acid agents and cholesterol absorption inhibitors. Understanding cholesterol levels for men and women is important for the treatment success. For a man and for a woman to control their cholesterol levels they should follow their physician’s prescribed medication along with a cholesterol low diet, weight reduction and exercising schedule.

Even though there is no specific medication to increase the HDL levels, these synthetic cholesterol medications help you balance the entire cholesterol levels.

Synthetic medications to reduce cholesterol levels:


Statins are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors which slow down the cholesterol production in your body. It increases the HDL cholesterol levels and reduces the LDL cholesterol and Triglycerides levels. Side effects of Statins include muscle soreness, vomiting, stomach pain, gas, constipation, kidney problems, etc.


Fibrates are also known as fabric acid derivatives and are extremely effective in lowering the Triglycerides levels and increasing the HDL levels. Side effects include headache, diarrhea, nausea, muscle aches, vomiting, etc.

Bile Acid Sequestrants

This medicine is usually known as binder because it binds the bile acid with bad cholesterol in your body and flushes it through the feces. Side effects found due to bile acid sequestrants are constipation, bloating, gas, stomach upset, etc.

Nicotinic Acid Agents

This medicine is also known as Niacin which is a water soluble B vitamin. Mostly found in foods, but is generally given in higher doses through prescription medication, as it reduces the LDL cholesterol level and increases HDL cholesterol level. Side effects are increase in blood sugar level, hot flashes, tingling, headache, gastric problems, etc.

Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors

Ezetimibe or Zetia is a prescribed cholesterol absorption inhibitor, usually required when you are not able to take Statins or your Statins dosages are increased. This medication decreases the cholesterol absorption and reduces the LDL and Triglycerides levels tremendously. Side effects are diarrhea, skin rash, joint pains, abdominal pains, etc.

These cholesterol medications can be prescribed in combination, by your medical practitioner, for better results.

Synthetic medicine versus natural medicine

Though these synthetic medications are highly effective and offer support to eliminate the excess of cholesterol from the body, people tend to look out for natural remedies. Natural medication to reduce cholesterol is gaining more popularity in comparison to synthetic medication. This is because natural medications usually do not produce harmful side effects and are extremely safe to use.

Whether the cholesterol medications are synthetic or natural, they definitely help you eradicate the risk of a heart attack, a stroke or coronary artery disease.

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