Beyond Tangy Tangerine – Complete Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex ORAC Score 5745 Per Serving

Many people drink Beyond Tangy Tangerine everyday and love the taste. They get all their vitamins and minerals in just one healthy drink that has a tangerine taste. Most people use two Beyond Tangy Tangerine
scoops of the crystals and add it to 8 to 12 oz of water depending on how strong a taste they want it that day.

Some people drink two servings a day or 4 scoops a day. If using just 8 oz of water per 2 scoops it will give you a real tangy tasting drink.

Some people mix Pollen Burst with the Beyond Tangy Tangerine drink to get the added benefits of the anti inflammatory effects of the Pollen Burst. The two mix very well together and they compliment the taste when mixed together.

Please Read 1st – You have 2 options to join and then order.

Option 1 – Pay a $10 one time fee and join as a Youngevity representative and start making commissions. This option sets you up to have your own home business and be able to market over 600 products that Youngevity has in its inventory.

After you fill out all the info you can then order Tangy Tangerine and other products at a 30% discount. To get FREE shipping make this your monthly auto-ship order. You get “one” FREE auto-ship order a month so order all the items you want at one time. Average monthly savings is about $12. You also need to pick an auto-ship plan of at least 50PV/BV to qualify for commissions and get free shipping. 50 PV/BV are not dollars ($) but a value given to all products. This value varies from product to product and changes from time to time.

If you want to join Youngevity and become an active Marketing Director you need to have from 50PV to 200PV to qualify for commissions. Read more about this several paragraphs down this page.

Notice: Prices can change without notice.

Option 2 – Sign up as a Preferred Customer and get 30% discount on all orders including Beyond Tangy Tangerine.

If you plan to order every month then you will have to pay for shipping on every order. Signing up under option 1 will save you on shipping plus you can make some extra money by referring your friends to your Free company website.

Option 3 – FREE SHIPPING Purchase directly from me for a total of $53 per canister of Tangy Tangerine.

This is for United States customers only. We take checks or money orders and PayPal. We also accept credit cards but charge an extra fee as noted below in red. For each additional container of Tangy Tangerine add $45.
– 1 container of Beyond Tangy Tangerine —- $55
– 2 containers of Beyond Tangy Tangerine – $105
– 3 containers of Beyond Tangy Tangerine – $155

Revolutionary Science Of NutraCrystals In Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Let me introduce you to the first product of its kind using the revolutionary science of NutraCrystals ,,, Beyond Tangy Tangerine. This product is supercharged with an incredible ORAC Value of 5745 plus and packed with 115 fruits and vegetables which includes vitamins, minerals, plant minerals, phytonutrients and all-natural flavors.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine is all natural and does not contain any artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives, starch, wheat or yeast. Your body and mind will experience a new sensation of health with this “Natural Living Product” that can only come from a company like Youngevity with the product Beyond Tangy Tangerine.

You get a base blend of Majestic Earth Plant Derived Minerals along with vitamins, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients to help you:

• Get 115 fruits and vegetables so you won’t skimp on the good stuff
• Support a healthy cardiovascular, immune and digestive system
• Fight free-radicals, a leading cause of disease, with 5X the ORAC value of mangosteen juice
• Stay glycemic-friendly
• Cut out artificial sweeteners and preservatives
• Promote healthy blood sugar levels
• Have a complete daily supplement to your diet

This is one of my favorite parts of this webpage, the chart above. When I saw the ORAC Score of Beyond Tangy Tangerine and compared it to some of the so called super juices that people had tried to get me to buy from them, I was amazed. Beyond Tangy Tangerine blew them away. With a score of 5745, it is higher then all the juices my friends were trying to push on me as being so good for me because of the antioxidant powers.

Now I drink Beyond Tangy Tangerine every day and know I’m drinking the best and getting the high antioxidant power I know my body needs. Getting all my vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one drink that cost under $2 a day is great. For $49.50 and about $7 in shipping you get this shipped to your door every month. Buy 2 and the shipping is free when you become a preferred customer or sign up as a distributor. It is only $10 to become a distributor.

Compare Your Present Vitamins To Beyond Tangy Tangerine

Take the time to compare the supplement facts on this label with other similar products on the market. Maybe you are presently taking a liquid supplement that claims to have all the vitamin and minerals that your body needs. Many companies claim their product has these vitamins and minerals in it but what does their label say?

There are companies making all sorts of claims about their product but they lack the evidence to support their claims. The representatives of these companies claim of all sorts of healing that their product supposedly have. It’s like they have magic in their product and that label on the canister says all sorts of things but there no scientific measurements on the product label that actually says it has “X” amount of vitamin A or C or D in it. Where are the numbers and percentage of just what is in the container per serving.

I hope I got your attention with what I am saying here. If you are going to put it into your body you need to know what it is. Do you?

I know exactly what I am taking when I drink a serving of Tangy Tangerine. I know I’m getting the very best!

I know what you are thinking. The price must be sky high because you are getting a top quality all natural product that has everything in it that your body needs for every day nutrition.

If your getting the very best should price really be an issue? NO!
Now for the Surprise
A one month supply of Beyond Tangy Tangerine is only $49.50
Order the Twin Pack for $86.50
Order the Three Pack for $127 That’s only $40 each!!

I have shown you above that Tangy consistently out scores the other drinks on the market that claim to be high in ORAC value.

Which would you rather be taking. Beyond Tangy Tangerine for $49.50 a month or some of the others on the chart that sell for as much as $150 a month.

If you like the taste of Tangerines then you will probably like the taste of this product. If you mix Beyond Tangy Tangerine with Pollen Burst like I do then it will taste more like orange juice.


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